Product Information

Tsurumi Connect Box is designed to control Tsurumi submersible pumps, and different appliances.
It monitors, collects, and acts to the various data such as current and other data from internal / external sensors to automize your operations.

Increase the security for all connected pumps and extend the lifetime of pumps.

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Project: Otto Quast in Germany


  • Instant alerts via Telegram App, email, or web alarm
    In case of emergency an alarm message (worldwide) will be received immediately, providing further details of the failure, reducing potential cost on damages.

  • Rotation / Phase monitoring
    Rotation recognition including start up suppressions if phasing is incorrect. Emergency stop if one phase fails.

  • Automated control of pumps and other appliances
    Customer specific installations e.g. cascade or booster applications can be realized.

  • Real time data collection and evaluation via cloud
    The real-time evaluation provide access to the data that the sensors connected to Tsurumi Connect Box currently deliver to the cloud.

  • Operation cost monitoring
    By connecting the flow meters, the operational cost can be monitored by running hours and the capacity that has been transported.

  • Maintenance planning
    Maintenance intervals can be planned according to wear and operation to save cost.


Technical Specifications

Power SupplyCurrentDigital Input / OutputAnalog Input / Output (4-20mA)DimensionsWeight
230VAC0,9A4 / 14 / 1254 mm x 180 mm x 63 mm (Without the fittings, cable)0,4 kg
ConnectionNetwork ConnectionLanguage
Motor Protection Plug
or directly in the control cabinet
(SIM Card included for all German mobile networks and all European Vodafone networks)
English, German, French
We reserve the right to change the specifications and designs without prior notice.

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